Make Up Practices and Games

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Make Up Games – October 7 and 8

Site updated today – October 5 at 2:58pm:

We are happy to say that we have RESCHEDULED every game that got rainned out.  We have already posted about this on your team chat.  Here it is also on our site.  Because many teams will have 2 games this weekend, we kept the original schedule as is, and added “MAKEUP” highlighted in yellow, for your convenience.  Go Hope!

make up games for October 7 and 8 on Field 1.
Make up games on field 2 for October 7 and 8.
Make up games on Field 3 for October 7 and 8.
Make up games for U12 on Saturday October 7 and 8.

Make Up Practices and Games

Site updated today – April 24, 2021 – at 9:04am:

For the cancelled games on April 24, we are looking at a possible make up this upcoming Friday, April 30th, from 5:00 – 9:00pm. This is not final, but we wanted to give you some heads up that this is looking like the best option.

It will be “Friday Night Under the Lights”!