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Help Another Child Play Soccer 

Hope Soccer is a 501C3 Non Profit Ministry.  Our mission is to share our faith in Jesus Christ with as many as of our players as possible. We have donors who make it possible for us to accept new players each season on a scholarship.

We wish to continue to do so, and we need your help!

It is our goal to raise enough money to let 7 additional children play with us on a scholarship next season.

Our goal is to raise 7*176 = $1,232.  You can donate any amount.

A uniform costs $41.

The entire registration including the uniform costs $176.

Make a donation to Hope Soccer Ministries.
Hope Soccer Coed Team Ages 6 to 8.

Additional Resources

Our soccer programs are aligned with US Soccer. If you are looking for a similar soccer environment closer to Matthews, we recommend the Brace Family YMCA.  If you are looking for a more competitive environment, we recommend the Charlotte Eagles.   To see how we’re involved in our community, please visit our Community Support Page.