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Youth Soccer Team in Charlotte

Hope Soccer is excited to offer youth soccer in Charlotte for Ages 10 and 11, or “U12”.  The team is coed, so it is for boys and girls.  This team is for all skill levels.  Teams are not picked at random, but put together to be balanced.

Ages 5 – 11 | $135 – Full Season | $41 Uniform

Fees will go up by $10 on Feb 10. 

Rec Soccer Team for 12 year old boys.

SPRING Season 2022 Updates

Updated January, 2022:

Our registration for Spring 2022 is Open!

If you’re new and would like to come meet us in person, or you have a friend who’d like to meet us, you can come to one of our “Registration Events”.

First Practice will be March 15, 2022, at our home field at Jack D. Hughes Memorial Park.  Last game will be on May 21.  We will take a break for Easter and Spring holiday with CMS schedule.

Practices for our players, ages 10 and 11 will be on Tuesdays OR Thursdays, from 5:45 to 6:45pm.

Games will be on Saturday Mornings or Friday Nights at the same place.  Friday Night Games (either 6pm or 7pm start) are played under the lights.  (A team that has a double header, could have a game both on Friday and then also on Saturday).

The season will be 8 weeks. There will be 7 games total.

Game Schedule will be posted here before the season starts.

To get an idea of what practice and games look like, we have some pictures here.

TEAM ASSIGNMENTS – Your child will be assigned a team by March 7.  Check back on March 7 to see the Team Assignments below!

NEW:“Away Weekend” – All of our games will be at our field in Pineville EXCEPT for our “Away Weekend” – when ALL Hope Soccer Teams will visit our friends at the Morrison or Brace Family YMCA and play against YMCA teams that weekend.

NEW:“Specialty Practice” – Our founder Nick played soccer in college. Because of that, we have some friends at Johnson and Wales University who have generously agreed to have their Head Coach and players run a “Specialty Practice” for all of our Hope teams. The location of this “Specialty Practice” will be announced later this season.  A second “Specialty Practice” will likely be done with the Head Coach and Team from Queens University of Charlotte this Spring as well.

NEW: – “Parent Orientation” – We will hold several “Parent Orientation” events this season.  We will show new parents where you child will practice, tell you who their coach will be, show you how to get the schedule from our site, etc. We encourage everyone to come, especially if you are new to Hope. Times and dates will be announced soon!

If you would rather speak to someone in Spanish, please text us at 704 907 9346 and we’ll have Coach Greison call you.

Covid Measures: Last season, Fall 2021, masks were not required.  We anticipate no masks for the upcoming season.  Our organization and the park follow CDC guidelines.  If anything changes, we’ll change with it.  In our experience, all soccer organizations end up doing the same thing in regards to masks and safety measures.

U12 soccer player in Pineville

Practice Time and Location 

PRACTICES will be on Tuesdays OR Thursdays

Start Time:  5:45pm – 6:30pm

Location:  Jack D. Hughes Memorial Park

513 Main St, Pineville NC 28134

We are simple!  Practices and games will be the SAME location in Pineville!  SAME PLACE for practices and games.  We have become aware that other soccer organizations may have multiple locations for games and times that may change throughout the season.  Because of this many people ask us if our location may change.  The answer is no.  Our schedule is simple. Everything is in the SAME location.

Soccer for ages 12 and under.

Directions to Practice and Games


Team Assignments

“Team assignments” will come out by March 7.  When they are uploaded, you will see your child’s team name, and what night they practice on – either Tuesday OR Thursday.

The assignments currently listed are from last season.  We left them as an EXAMPLE of what it will look like when we update this page on March 7 for the Spring season.

Team "Joy" - TUESDAY Practice - Field 7

Olivia H.
Angel S.
Alana R.
Brandon V.
Anthony H.
Michael H.
Derek C.
Luis A.
Yahir P.
Asael M. 


Team "Love" - TUESDAY Practice - Field 8
John M.
Andrew A.
Amy C.
Jessica R.
Jeffrey C.
Mairon V.
Mateo Q.
Jaxson S. 
Anirudh R. 
Sachin S. 


Team "Kindness" - THURSDAY Practice - Field 7


Maks B.
Beckett B.
Abraham M.
Thomas G.
Ishidevesh B.
Luis M.
Alexander T.
David C.
Riley P.
Daria Dontu
Gabriel D.



Team "Peace" - THURSDAY Practice - Field 8


Frankie C.
Ozil S.
Christian C.
John G.
Alexander G.
Eitan M.
Aldo G.
Ashly E.
Johnny A.
Micah E.
Lexie G.



Team “Joy” will practice on TUESDAY – 5:45pm to 6:45pm – Field 7

Team “Love” will practice on TUESDAY – 5:45pm to 6:45pm – Field 8

Team “Kindness” will practice on THURSDAY – 5:45pm to 6:45pm – Field 7

Team “Peace” will practice on THURSDAY – 5:45pm to 6:45pm – Field 8

(Team names are inspired by the fruit of the spirit as listed in Galatians 5:22)

See Game Schedule

Game Schedules will come out by March 10.  The schedule below is ONLY an EXAMPLE of what it will look like once it is posted on March 10.  (This example is from last season, and not applicable for the upcoming Spring 2022 Season).

If you need a reminder about what team your child is on, you can see Team Assignments.

Youth soccer game schedule for a Charlotte team.
Youth soccer schedule U12 Team Love.
Soccer schedule for a U12 Youth team in Pineville.
Soccer schedule for Hope Soccer Ministries U12 team.

If you have siblings, you can also check the “master schedule” which shows all games for the entire day.

Your Coach

We’re different!  Hope Soccer Coaches are “homegrown”.  This means they grew up playing for our founder, Coach Nick.  All of our Coaches are skilled soccer players capable of teaching the beautiful game correctly at all age levels.

One of our coaches for Hope U12 Teams is Coach Keanu.  He has played for Coach Nick for 6+ years.

Each and every coach has completed a training in child safety.


Keanu is a home grown coach of Hope Soccer Ministries.

Practice Strategy

Our youth soccer team for Ages 12 and under will focus on field awareness.   Our objective is to teach our players how to use the space on the field creatively!

We will focus on field awarness and movement off the ball.

We will teach our players how to maintain possesion of the ball and the creativity it takes to transition from possesion to attacking and finishing.

We will show our players how to differentiate between individual excellence and team harmony.

At each practice, we share our faith with players wishing to hear. 

Please remember to wear your soccer gear including cleats, and shin guards.  Please bring a water bottle and hand sanitizer.

Hope Soccer Ministries goes to the Playoffs!

En Español

Este es Coach Greison explicándoles más sobre Hope Soccer, respondiendo preguntas sobre nuestra localidad, hora de entrenamiento, partidos, previo, etc.

Coaches Activity Card 

Our Players Get Discounts At These Local Restaurants:

30% off

Pizza Hut in Pineville is a sponsor of Hope Soccer Ministries

15% off

Local restaurant supports Hope Soccer Ministries

10% off

Sabor in Pineville offers a discount for Hope Soccer Players.

50% off

Hungry Howie's in Pineville sponsors Hope Soccer Ministries.

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Monterry Restaurante Mexicano gives discount for Hope Soccer Players.

Additional Resources

Our soccer programs are aligned with US Soccer. If you are looking for a similar soccer environment closer to Matthews, we recommend the Brace Family YMCA.  If you are looking for a more competitive environment, we recommend the Charlotte Eagles.   To see how we’re involved in our community, please visit our Community Support Page.  Also, check out our listing on Fun 4 Charlotte Kids here.