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Upcoming Events

We have several upcoming events, including in-person registration events, Night Out, and Parent Orientation. We hope to see everyone there!


In-Person Registration Events

If you would rather come and register in person, you can meet us at Pineville Lake Park, which is only a few minutes from our field where we play.

So, if you’d like to meet us, use a pen and paper to register, and pay cash or check, come visit us at the park.  Here is when we’ll be there. Make sure to look for the truck with the Hope Soccer Sign.

Saturday, August 7, at 12pm – Pineville Lake Park (click for Directions) 

 Saturday, August 14, at 12pm – Pineville Lake Park (click for Directions) 

Saturday, August 21, at 12pm – Pineville Lake Park (click for Directions) 

Saturday, August 28, at 12pm – Pineville Lake Park (click for Directions) 

Saturday, September 4, at 12pm – Pineville Lake Park (click for Directions) 

Look for this truck with the Hope Soccer Sign.

Hope Soccer Ministries Vehicle with Promo Sign about Registration.

“Night Out” Event

We are excited to invite everyone to “Night Out,” an event hosted by the Pineville Police Department. This will be held at Pineville Lake Park on August 9th from 6-8pm. There will be free food, music, games, raffles, and more! This will be a fun way to meet the officers of the Pineville Police Department, as well as other families. You can also register in-person for the fall season at this event. We hope to see you all there!

Night Out event logo

Parent Orientation

Fall 2021 – Thursday September 2:

We encourage all Hope Soccer parents to attend Parent Orientation. This orientation will be held at our HOME field at Jack D. Hughes – where we practice and play!

If you can’t make it in person, watch the “Online Version” below.  (The video cuts off at 10 mins – the last thing I said is download the “GroupMe” ap). 🙂 

Watch Online Orientation

What Will Orientation Cover?

This Parent Orientation will cover important info regarding this season. Topics will answer questions including:

Where can you find your child’s team on the website?

How does Hope Soccer communicate with parents? (Email, text, and GroupMe)

How to get the GroupMe app and how to use it? (We use team-specific GroupMe chats)

How will you know if a practice has been cancelled due to rain?

How can you see when practices will take place?

Where can you find the game schedule on the website?

If you have children on multiple teams, where can you find the master schedule?

Which restaurants give player discounts, and how can your child get a discount on their food?

We also encourage you to download the GroupMe app so you can stay up-to-date with information for this season!

GroupMe app logo