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Upcoming Events

We have several upcoming events, including in-person registration events, Night Out, and Parent Orientation. We hope to see everyone there!


In-Person Registration Events

If you would rather come and register in person, with pen and paper, and pay cash or check, you can meet us at out Home Field in Pineville by request.  If you call or text us, we can meet there any weekday, from 6pm to 7pm.

We won’t be there unless you call or text and ask us to come meet you.

Look for this truck with the Hope Soccer Sign.

Hope Soccer Ministries Vehicle with Promo Sign about Registration.

“Night Out” Event

We are excited to invite everyone to “Night Out,” an event hosted by the Pineville Police Department. This will be held at Pineville Lake Park on August 2nd from 6-8pm. There will be free food, music, games, raffles, and more! This will be a fun way to meet the officers of the Pineville Police Department, as well as other families. You can also register in-person for the fall season at this event. We hope to see you all there!

Night Out event logo

Parent Orientation

Fall 2022 – Thursday September 1:

We encourage all Hope Soccer parents to attend Parent Orientation. This orientation will be held at our HOME field at Jack D. Hughes – where we practice and play!

If you can’t make it in person, watch the “Online Version” below.  (The video cuts off at 10 mins – the last thing I said is download the “GroupMe” ap). :) 

Watch Online Orientation

What Will Orientation Cover?

How do I find the field? 

Navigate once you turn inside the Park

Find My Child’s Team?

We will explain this in person, using our phones during orientation.  If you cannot join us, I would start by watching the “online orientation video above.   Here is the path to your child’s “Team Assignment”

Home Page > Menu > Teams > Select Age > Scroll to “Find it Quickly” > Teams

When does my child practice?

Once you locate your child’s team, by following steps above, it will also show you your child’s coach, and what day, time, and field they practice on.   Same path as above:

Home Page > Menu > Teams > Select Age > Scroll to “Find it Quickly” > Teams

Where is my child’s game schedule?

On the same page where you found your child’s “team”, you can click “Game Schedule”.

Home Page > Menu > Teams > Select Age > Scroll to “Find it Quickly” > Game Schedule.

Keep in mind game schedules are NOT out yet.  They will come out during the first week of practice.  Once they’re out, we will email/text you to let you know you can go see your child’s game schedule.

How do I find the Master Schedule (helpful for siblings)?

This shows you a bird’s eye view of what is happening on each field at Hope during game days.  Some of our parents who have siblings find it helpful to land on that page instead of navigating multiple pages for different age siblings.  

Home Page > Menu > I Would Like To… > See Master Schedule > Scroll to correct week

Master Schedule is not out yet for this season.  It will come out shortly after the individual team schedules come out. 

What to expect to do in practice?

We love teaching the kids real soccer.  When it comes to “rec” soccer, we believe we are the only rec organization in Charlotte who does not depend on parent volunteer coaches, whose skills/knowledge in soccer could vary greatly.   Instead, at Hope, we hire young soccer players and train them how to coach the beautiful game using age appropriate drills designed to teach possession, passing, strategic field orientation, defending individually, defending as a team, and of course having fun while doing it.

Some of these drills which you will see during practice include:

Green Light/Red Light:  On green light, players take touches on the ball, lift their heads up and make sure they’re dribling away from traffice.  On red light, they stop, and change direction when green light is called.  Coaches can implement new rules and games to make this drill fun with additional colors, which they can choose or ask the children to pick an activing on a new color.

Island Hoping: 4 separate ‘safe areas’ where players start with the ball. The goal is to make it to another safe area without getting tagged by 2 defenders in the middle.   If you get tagged, you join the defenders until everyone is a defender.

River Monster: A build up on green/red light, players are encouraged to be in control of their dribling and navigate around coaches who are trying to tag them and prevent them from getting from one sideline to the other.

Frozen:  Though signing the disney classic will not be encouraged (haha) as we’ve all heard it a few times, the box will have 2 defenders in it wearing pennies.  Players with ball inside will keep possesion of the ball and drible around the defenders who have the power to freeze you.  If frozen, you have to perform a task to get unfrozen.

Capture The Flag: A spin on the game, but with soccer balls.  Includes team work, strategy and making decisions about what is the most important thing to do at a specific time.  Time is limited to determine winner.

Shielding:  A defensive drill that will be demonstrated by coaches.

Passing Gates: Players are divided in teams of 2 and race around a marked area trying to pass the ball between the gates.  Time is limited.  Team with most passes wins.

Duck Tails:  Taking a play from flag football to encourage players to lift up their heads and dribble away from pressure looking for the open space on the field.

Around the World:  In a circle set with cones players watch the coach demonstrate an individual drill that they are to do between the cones.  Focuses on individual footwork.



2v2 defensive drill – sidelines

Numbers:  Coaches call out how many players per team jump on the field in a scrimmage like setting.

At each practice we also share our faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and his loving sacrifice requires our acceptance, belief and faith in him.  When Jesus walked this earth, he did not spend a lot of time in churches.  Instead he walked with the people and told them about the Kingdom of Heaven at multiple places, such as the marketplace, a social event, etc.  We see the soccer field as a great place to share about Jesuss and share a Bible verse during devo time at the end of each practice.  We won’t force anyone to participate if they wish not to hear this devo.  We ask that you quietly leave when you see the teams get together for their devo.

What is Hope Skills Clinic

it is a way for you and your child to come to what best can be described as a second practice.  Usually the drills are more focused on individual footwork and players usually get lots of touches on the ball.  Possession drills and other drills are also run.

This is completely voluntary.  If your child practices on Monday, you can bring to clinic on Wednesday and vice versa.

The cost is $5 per child per session.  For more info and to pay online (if you don’t carry cash) you can do so here:

Hope Soccer Clinics – Hope Soccer Ministries

Home Page > Menu > I Would Like To… > Pay For Skills Clinic 

Soccer clinics for Hope Soccer Players.

It is rainning, is practice game cancelled?

Great question.  We promise to keep you updated here: 

Rain – Hope Soccer Ministries

Home Page > Menu > I Would Like To… > Is Practice Cancelled Due to Rain

The field schedule is pretty busy so we are not able to make up practices.  We do try our hardes to make up rained out games.   To see when a game might be made up, please see this page: 

Make-Up – Hope Soccer Ministries

Home Page > Menu > I Would Like To… > When is Make Up Game

What is a Specialty Practice?

Very much unique to Hope Soccer, and because of Nick’s college career, we have relationships with local college coaches around town, who graciously agree to run practice for our players. 

It is cool for the kids to see college players show them new drills and teach them the game.  This season, Johnson and Wales Mens Soccer has invited us to their Home Field at Ortho Carolina on Friday October 21st to run practice for our players.  Watch for the “yellow boxes” with updates once it gets closer to the date. 

Here are some of the fun from previous seasons and years. 

This is completely voluntary.  If your child practices on Monday, you can bring to clinic on Wednesday and vice versa.

The cost is $5 per child per session.  For more info and to pay online (if you don’t carry cash) you can do so here:

Hope Soccer Clinics – Hope Soccer Ministries

Home Page > Menu > I Would Like To… > Pay For Skills Clinic 

What is the “AWAY Weekend”?

We partner up with our friends at the YMCA and we visit them at least one weekend each season (sometimes twice) to play against a Y team for every age category.

This season’s away weekend will be on Saturday October 22 at the MORRISON YMCA.

9405 Bryant Farms Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277

Game schedule will be posted the week before the weekend of October 22, so only a few days before the game.  We will send a reminder when it is out.  See this event from last year on Pineville Police’s facebook page, who were kind enough to highlight this local event for our Pineville and surrounding area kids. 

What Other Specialty Events Are Happening This Season?

We usually try to do some family friendly activities, that are soccer related, each season.

This season, we are inviting you to join us at:

“Hope Night Out” at Johnson and Wales Men’s Soccer Home Game

Ortho Carolina Stadium in Pineville

Located at 13301 Dorman Rd, Pineville, NC 28134

Saturday 10/29 @3:30pm

What will we be doing?  11 younger players, ages U10 and younger are invited to walk out with the JWU players on the stadium for the national anthem.  See video below.

8 older players ages U10 and U12 are invited to serve the game as “Ball boys/girls”.

To sign up for this event, fill out the form below.  We usually get more sign-ups then spots available, so please don’t be dissapointed if you’re not picked.  First come first serve.

How do we communicate with parents

Pretty much everything that you need to know, you can find on the website.  When we have an event, like a specialty practice, or an away weekend, we will post it a bright yellow box on just about every page to get your attention.  See picture below. 

We will also send out emails and texts to remind you of upcoming events.  We send 2 emails and 2 text messages to tell you about parent orientation.  if you did not get them, it is time to text us at 704 907 9346 and tell us that you are not receiving our messages.  We will make sure we have your info in our database. 

We also use GroupMe.  Many schools use it, so maybe you already have it.  We will send you an inviite or a link, during the first week of practice to put you on a team chat with your team and your coach.  Its a good place for parents to ask questions, be reminded of game times, and other events.  If you post a question on there, even if the coach doesn’t answer it, someone else can answer it as well.  Its a good tool.  We strongly recommend you use it this season. 

GroupMe app logo
attention getting yellow highlighted section showing upcoming soccer events.

When do I get my child’s uniform?

Our uniforms arrive from CA.  We will hand them out to you at the secon week of practice, before the first wekend of games.

What is expected of me at Hope?

When participating with any Hope activities, we expect you to be nice and respectful to us and your neighbors at those events.

Last game of the season – A celebration

We have moved our Saturday October 15 games to Monday, Nov 7 and Wednesday November 9 at our home field.  We will end the season with games on weeknights, under the lights.  We will do a mdelas ceremony and bring a few goodies for the kids, like popsicles.  We encourage parents to bring cupcakes, juice boxes, and have a little team party at the end of the game.  We love to build community and give our families a chance to make friends.

Our Players Get Discounts At These Local Restaurants:

30% off

Pizza Hut in Pineville is a sponsor of Hope Soccer Ministries

15% off

Local restaurant supports Hope Soccer Ministries

10% off

Sabor in Pineville offers a discount for Hope Soccer Players.

50% off

Hungry Howie's in Pineville sponsors Hope Soccer Ministries.

10% off

Monterry Restaurante Mexicano gives discount for Hope Soccer Players.

Additional Resources

Our soccer programs are aligned with US Soccer. If you are looking for a similar soccer environment closer to Matthews, we recommend the Brace Family YMCA.  If you are looking for a more competitive environment, we recommend the Charlotte Eagles.   To see how we’re involved in our community, please visit our Community Support Page.  Also, check out our listing on Fun 4 Charlotte Kids here.