Youth Soccer Team

Ages 4 and 5
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Youth Soccer Team in Charlotte

Hope Soccer is excited to offer youth soccer in Charlotte for Ages 4 and 5, or “U6”.  The team is coed, so it is for boys and girls.  This team is for all skill levels.  Teams are picked at random. 

Ages 5 – 11 | $130 – Full Season | $41 Uniform
U8 players hugging after a game

Spring 2021 Season Updates


Updated March 11, 2021:

Thank you for registering to play with us!

First Practice is on Tuesday, March 16 at 5:45pm at Jack D. Hughes Memorial Park.

Practices for our players, ages 4 and 5 will be on Tuesdays, from 5:45 to 6:30pm.

Games will start on Saturday, March 27 at the same place.

The season will go until May 23.

There will be 7 games in total. Games will be on Saturday mornings.

When CMS takes a break for Spring Break and Easter, there will be no games.

To get an idea of what practice and games look like, we have some pictures here.

If you would rather speak to someone in Spanish, please text us at 704 907 9346 and we’ll have Coach Obed call you.

Covid Measures: As you know, we all wear masks everywhere we go.  At this time it would appear that the CDC guidelines and the Mecklenburg County Guidelines which ALL soccer organizations have to follow would include wearing mask on the field.  So please have a mask for your child when you come to practice.  We hope that these requirements will soon change not to require a mask. We will keep you informed.  For the latest updates on Covid measures, please click here.


U8 soccer practice in Pineville

Practice Time and Location 

PRACTICES will be on Tuesdays

Start Time:  5:45pm – 6:30pm

Location:  Jack D. Hughes Memorial Park

513 Main St, Pineville NC 28134

Youth Soccer Game in Charlotte.

Directions to Practice and Games


Game Schedule

Step 2:  Click on Coach to See Schedule

Coach SG and Tanvi
March 27 10am Blue Ollie and Wally Our Field
April 17 10am Gold Ollie and Wally Our Field
April 24 10am Blue Ollie and Wally Our Field
May 1 10am Gold Ollie and Wally Our Field
May 8 10am Blue Ollie and Wally Our Field
May 15 10am Gold Ollie and Wally Our Field
May 22 10am Blue Ollie and Wally Our Field


Ollie and Wally
March 27 10am Gold SG – Tanvi Our Field
April 17 10am Blue SG – Tanvi Our Field
April 24 10am Gold SG – Tanvi Our Field
May 1 10am Blue SG – Tanvi Our Field
May 8 10am Gold SG – Tanvi Our Field
May 15 10am Blue SG – Tanvi Our Field
May 22 10am Gold SG – Tanvi Our Field


Your Coach

Hope Soccer Coaches are “homegrown”.  This means they grew up playing for our founder, Coach Nick.

Coaches for the U8 Hope Teams include Coach Franco, Coach Carine, Coach Santi, and Coach Elizabeth (aka Sweet Girl).

Each and every coach has passed a background check and completed a training in child safety.

Coach Carine and her U8 soccer team.

Photos from Practice and Games 

Youth soccer practice for ages 4 - 6.
 Soccer practice for kids in Charlotte
Hope Soccer Ministries has practice
Soccer practice for ages 4 thru 6.
Hope Soccer's youngest team during practice.
Hope Soccer Ministries has coed teams.

Practice Strategy

Our youth soccer team for Ages 5 to 7 will focus on teaching the basics like the appropriate way to pass using the inside of our foot.

We will focus on field awareness.   Our objective is to teach our young players how to use the space on the field.

Having more space gives players more time to receive the ball, control it, and make a pass.


Having the time to receive the ball, control it, and make a pass results in a better quality when doing these things.

We aim to provide a soccer strategic learning experience through age appropriate games/drills the kids will have fun playing.

At each practice, we share our faith with players wishing to hear. 

Please remember to wear your soccer gear including cleats, and shin guards.  Please bring a water bottle and hand sanitizer.

Hope Soccer Coed Team Ages 6 to 8.

Registered Nurse At Practice

Our “Ministry Mom”, Ms. Kathy, will be there with water and ice for the kids.  She is an awesome volunteer helping out our ministry who is also a REGISTERED NURSE!

En Español

Una nota del Coach Nick: Quiero agradecer de manera especial a Obed por haber traducido este mensaje al español para nuestras familias de habla hispana.
Yo conocí a Obed cuando en una ocasión me llamó para inscribir a su hijo para que jugara con nosotros en U14. Me dijo que quería conocerme en persona antes de registrarlo, así que lo invité a que nos conociéramos en una cafetería donde yo acostumbraba tener mi Estudio Biblico cada miercoles. Yo pensé que el solo pasaría a saludar y a preguntarme cosas relacionadas al futbol. En lugar de eso, llegó con su Biblia y nos acompañó al Estudio Biblico esa noche. Desde aquella vez se volvió parte del grupo y nos hemos vuelto buenos amigos. Ahora él es parte de Hope Soccer Ministries y tiene a su cargo los devocionales para el equipo U12. También nos ayuda como asistente del entrenador para el equipo U14 donde juega su hijo.
Gracias Obed!
Coach Obed Spanish Translator

Coaches Activity Card 

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30% off


Pizza Hut in Pineville is a sponsor of Hope Soccer Ministries
15% off


Local restaurant supports Hope Soccer Ministries
10% off


Sabor in Pineville offers a discount for Hope Soccer Players.
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Hungry Howie's in Pineville sponsors Hope Soccer Ministries.
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Additional Resources

Our soccer programs are aligned with US Soccer. If you are looking for a similar soccer environment closer to Matthews, we recommend the Brace Family YMCA.  If you are looking for a more competitive environment, we recommend the Charlotte Eagles.   To see how we’re involved in our community, please visit our Community Support Page.