Pineville United Methodist Church

Thank You!

Thanks Pineville United Methodist Church!


Hope Soccer Ministries is very thankful to Pineville United Methodist Church (PUMC) for their help and support!

Senior Pastor Tom and Assistant Pastor Elaine couldn’t be nicer to us by letting us use their gym and teen room for our end of season team parties for our U14s and our U18s.

At Hope Soccer Ministries, we have different age teams, from U8s all the way to U18s.  We are very aware that our pre-teens and teens require a different approach when it comes to their end of season party.

That is why PUMC’s gym and teen room were the perfect fit for this event!  As a soccer ministry that shares Christ at every practice with our players during our devo time, we also understand the importance of building friendships off the field.  That is why team functions such as the one that PUMC hosted for us is really important!

Playing indoor soccer at the basketball gym, playing ping pong, mini pool, and foosball in PUMC’s teen room helped our teams build friendships outside the soccer field – which creates a deeper culture of friendship among the teens on and off the field!

 Thank you very much for opening your facilities to us! Your leadership style that allows your church to be used for such events is admirable, and we believe it echoes how the body of Christ, the church, ought to be involved in their local community.

So, thank you for being a part of your community by supporting our soccer ministry!

We look forward to working together in the future!

Enjoy the pics!

U14 Team Party

HSM Serving Our Community!

Kids/Teens Participated

Different Schools

U18 Team Party 

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