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Hope Soccer Ministries

Our Team

We invite you to meet Hope Soccer Ministries’ Team Members.

First and Foremost, we give glory to God for putting togehter this unique group of people to serve Him through this ministry!

We are amazed at how God is using so many different people, with different stories, backgrounds, ages.  Each one of our team members has a unique skill set that contributes to the team in a an awesome way!

By faith alone, we get to experience His intent to use each individual for this ministry, and also use the ministry for each individual.  It is pretty awesome!



President and Founder of Hope Soccer Ministries. Involved in coaching each and every team including U8s, U10s, U12s, U14s, and U18s.

Head Coach for U18s.  Head Coach for U14s.  Assistant Coach for U8s, U10s, and U12s.

Nick realizes that winning soccer games isn’t everything, but is sure is among his favorite activities!



Also known as “Sweet Girl”.  She is Nick’s wife and co-founder of Hope Soccer Ministries.  She is the Operations Manager who is also involved in coaching the U8s, U10s and U12s.

Head Coach for U8s.  Head Coach for U10s.  Assistant Coach for U12s.

She is the unofficial cheerleader of every Hope Soccer Team!


She has helped the Ministry get off the ground in every aspect.  From helping with the smallest, “un-important” detail to giving legal advice necessary for the very existence of the ministry, Lina has been ivolved at each step!  Her passion for the ministry and each child who participates in it cannot be matched!

She is the ministry’s biggest fan!


Also known as our “Ministry Mom”.  She is Lina’s dear friend from her Bible study group.  Kathy loves to serve by being at every practice and bringing ice cold water for each and every kid, from our 5 year olds to our 18 year olds.

Kathy plans to go to as many games as she can on Saturdays for U8s, U10s and U12s, U14s and U18s.

Kathy is also a registered nurse, so when someone gets an injury during practice, she is the first on the scene!


Coach Graham and his soccer team.


Nick’s friend through a Men’s Bible study group that has been together for nearly 2 years! Graham also is an ex-collegiate soccer player who loves the game.

He helps Nick to coach the U18s and the U14s.


Our Interns

Nick’s Vision for the ministry has always been that his players, whom he’s coached since they were 11 (and are one on his U18 team) would coach the young players and be directly involved in their development!

It is hearwarming to say that God has allowed that vision to become a reality!

Hope Soccer Ministries has selected some of its veteran players to intern as Assistant Sports Management Coordinators.  Their roles vary widely from being directly involved as assistant coaches to helping the ministry with its integrated markeing strategy designed to gain popularity through its online presence for Christian youth soccer teams in Charlotte and Pineville.

It is an internship that combines the beautiful game and business experience that we believe will be very beneficail to our teens who are looking to build an impressive resume for their college applications.


Freddy is interning at Hope Soccer Ministries as an Assistant Sports Management Coordinator. 

When Freddy was 12, he played on Nick’s first ever U12 team in 2014.

Since then Freddy has played for Nick on his U12 team, as well as his U14 and U18 teams. 

Freddy is now 17 and a Junior at Ardrey Kell.  He has played for Ardrey Kell’s soccer team as well as several club teams around Charlotte.

Freddy is a talented player and a natural striker.  Freddy helps coach the U14 team.


Keanu is interning at Hope Soccer Ministries as an Assistant Sports Management Coordinator. 

When Keanu was 12, he played on Nick’s first ever U14 team in 2015. Since then Keanu has never taken a season off from playing for Nick.

He is a talented player who usually plays an attacking role on the left side.  Keanu is currently the team captain on Nick’s U18 team.

Keanu is now 16 and a Sophomore at South Meck.  He has played for Quail Hollow Middle.

Keanu helps coach the U12 team.


Cole is interning at Hope Soccer Ministries as an Assistant Sports Management Coordinator. 

He has played on Nick’s U14 team since he was 11 years old back in 2015.  Cole has played every single season, fall and spring, since then.

He is one of the toughest defenders to ever play for Nick.  He is really good at inspiring the back line to toughen up! He can also score some goals when he plays striker.  He is currently on the U18 team.

Cole is 15 and a Sophomore at Providence.

He helps to coach the U10 team.