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Hope Soccer Ministries is now introducing Youth Groups in the Charlotte-Pineville area! These youth groups offer a way for our teams to connect, build friendships and hear the message of Jesus Christ off the field.

Something *NEW* – Introducing ‘HOPE YOUTH GROUPS’

One of our U14 Moms, Joyce, called me this weekend with an idea for the boys. Over the last couple of months, I’ve received similar requests from other parents as well.

Joyce would like to add a “small group” option to our teams.  We love this idea!  We think it is particularly important for the teenage boys to have a place to hang out with their soccer friends off the field.

We find this idea to be very inspiring, so we are starting a “Hope Youth Group” for the U14 and U18 teams.

This is completely voluntary.  It is also FREE. 

Joyce told me that she is very excited to become our first “Hope Group Mom”.  As such, she will serve this ministry with her whole heart and help with whatever the “Hope Youth Groups” may need.  Being a mom to a 13 year old boy, she is very passionate about this opportunity to serve!  

Obed one of our U14 dads said he will be very happy to serve also.

Hope Soccer Boys U14 Team Party

Our Vision for ‘HOPE YOUTH GROUPS’

From Coach Nick:

I grew up playing soccer and have always considered my friends on my team to be my best friends growing up.  I had friends from school, and other places, but it was my soccer friends I really wanted to hang out with.

Same was true as an adult, when I played at Queens University of Charlotte.  Anytime I walked into a room on campus and saw another soccer player, I knew that there was someone in the room who was like a brother to me.

So, I’ve experienced first hand, how the love of the game, made it possible to build lasting friendships, some of which I still have to this day.

Soccer provides the possibility for people to become friends instantaneously.

I want to harvest this gift that soccer offers and use it to help our boys to build friendships, to be accepted, to have fun, to hang out, and to hopefully, learn that all these experiences are possible because of the gift of Jesus Christ – who is the first born of all creation and all things were created through Him and for Him (Colossians 1:15).



As we said earlier, soccer provides the possibility for people to become friends instantaneously.

Many of you probably remember this video from Fall 2019 where Diego (U14) took this Penalty Kick to win the semi final and put Hope Soccer through to the Final!


Diego buries PK to advance to U14 final

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 In a split second, the entire team, coaches included rushed the field and began to celebrate together!

These are boys that go to different schools around Charlotte, speak different languages, are from different cultures, ethnicities, and colors.   At that one moment, nothing mattered, except the team, and what they had accomplished together!

We want to take these friendships created on the field, and continue to develop them off the field.

One example of what this may look like is meeting together at a public park, bringing games, eating pizza, hanging out, and ending the night by watching a devotional video by a popular Christian Pastor, such as Matt Chandler.

Teenage boy helps a friend after playing sports together.